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Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Macbeth was an evil man, because he did a lot of bad things, but because he suffers greatly, we can tell the he has a good spirit. Macbeth does a lot of evil things, but he knows that it is evil, and he knows that he is going to lose everything in the end.

Macbeth killed King Duncan and he suffered so badly. Macbeth started to have a lot of nightmares about Duncan. Macbeth knew that after he killed Duncan that he was not going to sleep anymore and that he lost the respect of all the people. He showed us this when he did the killing and came out of the murder scene with the daggers. Lady Macbeth told him to put them back in there but he said to her that he couldn’t go in there anymore. He was so frightened that the bad things he had done.

When Macbeth killed Duncan he heard knocking on the door and he said that he wished Duncan could hear the knocking and wake up. This tells us that he felt so bad after he killed his cousinK King Duncan. He wishes he could go back to a time when Duncan was still alive.

Macbeth suffered a lot after he killed Duncan but he had no chance to clean him self. There is no way that he can undo the evil. He has to continue killing and killing to try and cover up his evil.

After killing Duncan Macbeth has to kill Banquo because Banquo was the only person that heard the witches’ prophecy. Banquo knew that Macbeth might kill the king to get the golden round or crown. After killing Banquo, Macbeth starts to have nightmares of Banquo. He sees Banquo’s face covered with blood. Macbeth believes he is being followed by Banquo’s ghost. He sees him everywhere he goes. Macbeth is the only person that can see the ghost. The ghost is the face of his guilty mind.

Macbeth suffers at the way people speak about him. He suffers at being hated by the people that used to say good things about him. All the people left him by himself in the castle because they were scared of being killed by Macbeth. He knows that he can’t rely on anyone.

At the end, Macbeth knows that he can’t fight a whole army but he still doesn’t give up. He fights until he is killed. He believed in the witches but he knew that they were evil. He knew that would not tell him anything that would be good. They were the worst people to ask about the future. Once Macbeth was a good man but his evil thoughts led him to the side of the witches and the devil.

Macbeth suffered greatly because he knew that what he was doing wrong and because he had a good soul. He knew in the end that he deserved to be punished.

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